Re: Nautilus Snacks

One thing that would be nice on that list is to make the error dialogs
in eel more usable and HIG, see for the dialog i mean.
The code is in eel/eel/eel-stock-dialogs.*

I've looked at this and it is over my head :/

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 17:56, Dave Camp wrote:
> Lately we've been putting together a list of not-quite-bite-size hacks
> for people to do on nautilus.  These are tasks which will take a decent
> amount of work, but will make a nice impact on the desktop.  Each task
> has a list of places to look for information about the hack.
> If you want to contribute to nautilus, this could be a good place
> to start.  Look through the list, read the relevant code and documents,
> and see if it's something you think you want to handle.  If you think
> you have a pretty good idea of how to go about implementing it, let us
> know and we'll help you through the process.
> This shouldn't prevent people from coming up with their own ideas, of
> course :)
> The list is supposed to be here:
> Last time I checked the site hadn't updated yet.  If it isn't there, the
> list is available here until it's ready:
> Thanks,
> -dave
Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

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