Re: locale encoding filename in Nautilus

Mathieu Lacage wrote:

>I don't see what can be done about this: it is not possible for Nautilus
>to guess what locale-specific encoding was used on the server and
>convert it on the fly.
Yes, not possible to guess, I know. But, usually, people will only read
the webpages
that he can understand, and access the fileserver with filenames he can
Is it worth giving locale encoding a try?

Nautilus can display both locale encoded and utf-8 filenames in local,
this wonderful
work saved it from being useless to us asian users, and gives us a
smooth way to
migrate to utf-8 scheme. Oh please don't disable it ;-)

Currently, Nautilus simply doesn't work on non-file URI with non-utf8
filename. Will
my patch make things worse?

Full utf-8 filename system won't appear soon here, locale encoding and
utf-8 will co-exist
for many many years. What about burn:// URI, or rio500://?

> Maybe g_locale_to_utf8 is
>really magic and works in all linux locale encodings (I doubt that very
>much but I have neither looked at the code nor looked at the doc).
Well, g_locale_to/from_utf8() are probably the most used functions by
programmers here ;-)

Thanks for your answer. Anyway, Nautilus is a wonderful software.

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