Re: locale encoding filename in Nautilus

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 10:36, xLoneStar wrote:
> When nautilus accesses smb:// URI, it will dispaly all the locale
> encoding filename as "Invalid Unicode", nautilus has never tried to
> convert them to utf8. The same to ftp:// . Nautilus can display locale
> encoding filename in local filesystem correctly, however, when you 
> export your directory as Samba Share, your network neighbor cannot
> display them at all! This is strange and troubles users a lot.

I don't see what can be done about this: it is not possible for Nautilus
to guess what locale-specific encoding was used on the server and
convert it on the fly. In the relative limited scenario you describe
here, you know that the smb's server local encoding is similar to the
locale encoding used on your linux box (I assume your server and client
are all linux boxes and they all use the same locale encoding which
might happen) so, yes, it might work.

However, if the server is a win32 box using a windows-based locale
encoding to encode its filenames, there is no way Nautilus can guess
what to do with the filenames. I think this is why Nautilus is rather
conservative about this. I must say I am surprised it even tries to
interpret local locale-encoded filenames. Maybe g_locale_to_utf8 is
really magic and works in all linux locale encodings (I doubt that very
much but I have neither looked at the code nor looked at the doc).

Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org>

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