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Please, I beg you, do not do that.
This requires a 1024x768 screen, as these new sizes do not fit well on
800x600  (don't forget that the default gnome-panel setup takes away 64
pixels off the overall height and in general, it makes Nautilus feel too
stretched on 800 width + the window manager borders). While most developers
and geeks use at least 1024x768 (I am on 1600x1200 most of the time), the
regular people and potential users that the Gnome Project is trying to get,
they still run on 800x600. Recent surveys show that 31% of the online users
still use 800x600. More info here:

The world is not ready yet for a default 1024x768, at least not until
800x600 drops down to 10% of usage IMHO. And even at 10%, it is still a huge
percentage. Normal user applications (I am not talking about CAD and stuff)
and pref panels should still be designed for 800x600 for the next 2-3 years,
I am afraid. Most web pages on the web are also designed for 800x600.

Please change the numbers to something that fits well and feels *spacious*
on 800x600, or please don't change it at all (the current defaults even work
on 640x480, which is a good thing, even if that resolution is at 1% of
global usage).

Best Regards,

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