question about spacial naut

I have seen a bit of criticizing about spacial naut. I was wondering if you all had considered putting 2 items into the edit and context menu that I think might make it a very nice and powerful tool.

add "copy to" and "move to" functions that will bring up a save dialogue that you would see in a Gnome app. then the user can either enter the absolute path or browse to where they would like to move/copy the selected item to. This solves the criticism of the "less useful because of no tree for easy movement of files" and then you can just automatically close the old windows that the user browsed from as they click through the tree because in any given window, they can do all file operations, execute, read, write, copy, move.

I think those options will make spacial naut as "powerful" as the now standard version but retain the quickness of the spacial version.


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