Re: [Usability] Re: display full path in spatial nautilus

Hasbullah Bin Pit wrote:

Calum Benson menulis:

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 23:32, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

Using the full path as the window title makes the window list thoroughly unusable for *most* users who aren't going to have ten folders with the same name.[1]

Perhaps in general there ought to be a way for a window to suggest a
sensible "abbreviated" name to any window-list-type app (e.g. just the
current document's filename, or just the current folder name)? Slavishly copying whatever's written in the titlebar has always seemed a
rather unhelpful idea to me, given that you're almost never going to be
able to read it all however styleguide-compliant it is.

How about

if the full path is /home/sebol/cvs/stable/nautilus/po

1.  display  1st 2 front folder & 2 end folder

2. truncate by number of char lets say 20 chars (including "/"

This one sounds good but emacs style mentioned earlier in the list
seems to be the best for now.

3. replace /home/sebol with ~/ but display full path


4. just display curent folder and one parent only

5. "Open Parent" in _File menu replaced with
   "Open Parent (nautilus)"

6. Display a ".." in folder listing, but
when we select it , display full path as tooltip or statusbar.

Tooltip for what paernt or current ? Maybe "." and info for current
though it might be not exaptable for newbies ....



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