Re: [Usability] Re: display full path in spatial nautilus

Ronny V. Vindenes wrote:

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 15:28, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
I do have folders with identical names ...
Spatial nautilus helps here a little bit. One folder will always open on the
right, and one will always open the left, or wherever you put them. That
gives you some more clue about which is which.

Also, when both folders are open in Nautilus, maybe it could show the parent
folder in the name, or just enough to distinguish them. After all, Nautilus
knows what windows are open.

Emacs has a nice solution to this with it's uniquify-buffer-style:

If non-nil, buffer names are uniquified with parts of directory name.
The value determines the buffer name style and is one of `forward',
`reverse', `post-forward', or `post-forward-angle-brackets'.
For example, files `/foo/bar/mumble/name' and `/baz/quux/mumble/name'
would have the following buffer names in the various styles:
 forward        bar/mumble/name  quux/mumble/name
 reverse        name\mumble\bar  name\mumble\quux
 post-forward   name|bar/mumble  name|quux/mumble
 post-forward-angle-brackets   name<bar/mumble>  name<quux/mumble>
 nil            name  name<2>

I like the genral idea. Not sure about details though. I suggest to put
it in options .... (I personally prefer "forward" but other people ...)


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