Re: display full path in spatial nautilus

Calum Benson writes:
On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 23:32, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
Using the full path as the window title makes the window list thoroughly unusable for *most* users who aren't going to have ten folders with the same name.[1]

Perhaps in general there ought to be a way for a window to suggest a
sensible "abbreviated" name to any window-list-type app (e.g. just the
current document's filename, or just the current folder name)? Slavishly copying whatever's written in the titlebar has always seemed a
rather unhelpful idea to me, given that you're almost never going to be
able to read it all however styleguide-compliant it is.

Perhaps although for most folders I find that I don't have a problem with file names being cut off. The bigger problem I have is that every gedit window is called /home when I'm more interested in the fact that the file is open-applet.c etc. Regardless of this I don't think we should change the title to the full path. For the *majority* of users who don't have 30 folders with the same name, using the full path leads to more confusion than gain. We lose a major benefit of the spatial browser, mainly by adding more conginitive load to interpret wtf /home/dave/folder1/documents means.

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