Re: Global nautilus scripts directory

>> I am a big fan of Nautilus's script interface and I believe
>> Nautilus needs a global scripts directory.  Currently, Nautilus
>> will search ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts for scripts.  Something like
>> /usr/share/nautilus/scripts should also be an option.  Scripts can do a
>> lot of great things and a system administrator should be able to share
>> new capabilities with all of the users on a system.  See GNOME bugzilla
>> bug #119972.
> 	why not do a simple
> 	rmdir ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts
> 	ln -s /etc/global-nautilus-scripts ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts
> 	optionally followed with a
> 	mkdir /etc/global-nautilus-scripts/$LOGIN

That would be a temporary fix but I'm not sure it is simple.  Most
other applications allow both global and per-user configurations.
This technique would require an administrator to administer
an additional user-owned directory outside of the user's $HOME
(/etc/global-nautilus-scripts/$LOGIN).  And it does not present as clean
a separation (from an administrators point of view) of system-wide and
user-owned scripts.  I could remove a user and rm -rf $HOME, but the
user's scripts would remain unless I remembered to axe them too.

I honestly think it would be cleaner and more consistent to add to
nautilus the ability to read scripts from ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and
/usr/share/nautilus/scripts (or somewhere similar -- the scripts could
be architecture-dependant binaries after all).

Just some food for thought...



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