Re: Killing Views Part 2 - The return of the Usabilty study

> Image viewing.  While I do 99% of my file maintenance on the command
> line, any sort of organization of images is made 1000x easier with the
> thumbnail view, and by extension, the ability to view the "full" image
> within nautilus (lets call it "zoom" for now).  If I just want a bit
> closer look at my random_wallpaper.png I don't want to have to deal with
> popping up the gimp or eog each time, I just want it in the same window. 

Have you tried the gthumb catalog _directory_ view. - You can browse your pics, and use
the nautilus zoom widget to zoom in and out.

I think that this is a much better solution. Using custom directory
views instead of hacking odd zoom features into nautilus.

> The other thing is for viewing of text files.  Nautilus already provides
> the ability to see a bit of the text file, so I'd expect it to be able
> to view it all (maybe, "zoom" it).  Text files are again, fast and quick 
> to view, and don't require special programs to process them, unlike 
> abiword/.doc, etc.

Yeah, but gedit is a much more ideal way to view text files, and it has
an mdi and uses the same instance. Opening files in a new window
drastically reduces user confusion don't forget.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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