Re: raise opened windows when try to open new one

paolo borelli writes:
On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 21:25, Mazzoni Perseo wrote:
Hello boy... After so many time i'm using nautilus I think this can be a useful thing to do: If i opened my home dir and I minimized it, when I try to re-open my home dir, for example, nautilus could raise my old opened window.... I think this can be usefull because I find myself to re-open again and again windows opened and just minimized..... What do you think 'bout this idea?

I bought a book I like, I put it on my desk then I went to the bookshop
and bought the same book... maybe someone should teach
the bookseller to go into my home, check if I already have the book on
my desk and act accordingly ;)
The window list applet exist for a reason... beside what happens if _do_
want to open the same dir twice?

Well if you use open in new window mode, the above described behavior is actually used. Basically he's asking for nautilus to treat folders a little bit more like objects, whether or not this works in the current nautilus ui, i'm not sure. dave

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