Re: [Usability]Nautilus toolbar simplification

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 13:25, Alan wrote:
> > There is a discussion about it on Bugzilla. I can't find it back though
> > :( In this discussion, I also asked for the removing of the "location"
> > field.
> Why?  That's the one thing that should definatly stay IMHO.  If I want
> to go to /foo/bar/baz/qux/some/long/directory/path it's probably a lot
> faster to type it, or have the option to type it, than have to naviate
> through by mouse.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you were asking for
> (not having the discussion in front of me) but what would your reasoning
> for suggesting this be?

The location bar falls into the "object oriented vs. navigation" debate
as well as the "novice vs. advanced" user debate.  It can currently be
hidden and it is useful enough (nay, mandatory in a "navigation-based"
file manager) that at least having the option to see it should always be
there.  What I could see doing is increasing the power of it by allowing
arbitrary shell globs for the CWD (yeah, yeah, frequently requested
feature and all that).

Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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