Re: Patches improving tree view (multi-root and auto-follow)

On 15 Jun 2003, Jürg Billeter wrote:

> We're still undecided but I've made a new set/variant of patches.

I'm at guadec, and I can't really do a detailed review of these, but some 

You don't need to compare uris of files, NautilusFile have a one-to-one 
mapping to uris. I.E there is only one (shared) NautilusFile for each uri. 
So for instance in show_iter_for_file you only need to compare the 
pointers to the nautilusfiles.

Do you really need the NautilusTreeModelRoot object? Can't the 
file_to_node_map hashtable be a file->list of nodes? That way you avoid 
a NautilusTreeModelRoot pointer per object. Also you'd only need one 
changed handler etc.

When expanding a path to a file that is in several roots, should we really 
select the root where the selection is? I think expanding the root that is 
"closest" to the file is better. That means e.g. the floppy root is 
expanded instead of /mnt/floppy in the filesystem root (if the file is on 
the floppy that is).

Are we always sure we get the row_deleted callback after all the files 
have been read in? Maybe piggybacking on done_loading is better?

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