Re: Nautilus' context menu

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net> writes:

>> 1. Get rid of the "Open in New Window". I must say that this option is the
>> only one of the rest 5 that I took away that I am not sure of and I require
>> more input. On the other hand, it is bad enough to have three "Open"
>> functions crammed there. 
> I'd have to disagree with this, the item is only there for folders, and
> is a crucial feature IMHO. Windows explorer doesn't have it and I find
> that crippling.

What would be great is to be able to toggle the "open in new window"
setting with a key modifier (the control key, in particular). In other
words, if you open a filder or file, and have the key modifier pressed,
then Nautilus would open the item in a new window if "open in new
window" is set to "no", or open it in the same window if "open in new
window" is set to "yes". This should work no matter how you "open" and
item (double clicking the icon, control-O or <enter> on a selected icon,

MacOS has always had this (key modifier is the option key), and so has
Windows (modifier is the control key). This is one of the features I
miss the most when I use Nautilus since it allows for very fast
navigation (I like opening things in separate windows, and that's how I
have my Nautilus set up, but sometimes when I am looking for something
quick I would like to have the "open in the same window" behavior for
just a few moments.)

I've looked at how to do this but haven't been able to code a patch :(

By the way, I think that if this feature is added, the "Open in New
Window" menu item can go away. Windows and MacOS don't have such a menu
option - they offer the key modifier (and document it) for this purpose.



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