Re: Patches improving tree view (multi-root and auto-follow)

Jürg Billeter <j bitron ch> writes:

> > I see. However, I don't know if an idle loop is the best way to do that.
> > The idle handler may run quite a lot before the parent directories have
> > all loaded. This is very close to busy-waiting. Perhaps there is a
> > better way to wait that just wakes up once at the correct time.
> Hm, yes, perhaps we could catch the row_deleted signal of the tree model
> and check if it's the dummy row which got deleted. Does this sound
> reasonable?

You'll need to cache the location of all the dummy rows then, as the
TreeView emits the "row_deleted" signal after the row has already been
removed.  Without external knowledge, you can't know what was previously
at a deleted node.


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