RE: BUG Nautilus 2.3.2 listview and popup menu

Bugzilla is the best place for bug reports. Thanks.

Murray Cumming
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> Sent: Montag, 2. Juni 2003 08:53
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> Subject: BUG Nautilus 2.3.2 listview and popup menu
> Hi
> If you click on a empty space in the list view, the popup 
> manu will not
> show. Like, click on an existing item, the menu shows, but if 
> you click
> on the empty space under the file-lines, no menu. This is really a
> problem in an empty directory, when you want to slect paste from the
> popup, but you can't get it to show. Then you have to focus the right
> part of nautilus to use Edit|Paste, because if the location-field is
> focused, Edit|Paste suggest "Paste text..."
> And it worked sitll in the earlieer versions of 2.2 branch.
> Reason might be, that there is no signal handlers tied to the empty
> space, just for the lines. Right? In that case, it should be 
> fairly easy
> to fix.
>  Petri
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