Re: Nautilus reading html files raw

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 22:11, Gary Roach wrote:
>   I posted this problem about 3 weeks ago and  got no reply. I still 
> haven't found a solution. At this point, "I dont know" would be 
> acceptable. Does someone need more information? Help!
>    Problem: When I try to use the nautilus help tab, the files listed 
> are in html. Nautilus reads them in plain text mode. I have not been 
> able to find a way to change this. Since the Nautilus help file is 
> trashed as well, I'm flying blind. Its probably stupidly simple to fix; 
> but, being a newby with this package, I'm at a loss. HELP.

Nautilus is using the text viewer component to display the HTML files.
You need to install an html viewer component. 

>From, it seems nautilus-mozilla is unavailable for
woody. In this case, I suggest you to install the galeon-nautilus
package. After the component is installed, you may need to use the "View
as..." Nautilus menu (in the toolbar) to use it instead of the text
viewer component.

Good luck,

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