Nautilus reading html files raw

I posted this problem about 3 weeks ago and got no reply. I still haven't found a solution. At this point, "I dont know" would be acceptable. Does someone need more information? Help!

Problem: When I try to use the nautilus help tab, the files listed are in html. Nautilus reads them in plain text mode. I have not been able to find a way to change this. Since the Nautilus help file is trashed as well, I'm flying blind. Its probably stupidly simple to fix; but, being a newby with this package, I'm at a loss. HELP.

  System:   Pentium 4 x 2    1 GHz
                  Debian Woody testing
                  Nautilus Version 1.0.6
                  Run as root (I know. But I do mostly systems work)

Thanks in advance

Gary Roach

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