Re: Undo functionality for file-management functions

On 24 Jan 2003, Enver ALTIN wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been digging through the bugzilla to find something related with
> the "undo" with no success, so before attempting to file a bug about
> this, I thought I should try asking the list to discuss on the subject.
> A friend of mine in the office tried to use nautilus and Linux desktop
> for the first time, and copied a few files from a network location onto
> the desktop folder (desktop is my home folder) and accidentally selected
> the wrong folder as a source.
> He went a bit further, pressing Ctrl+Z, expecting an "undo" but as we
> know, nothing happened. He tried to right click the desktop and took a
> look at Edit menu as I was watching him quietly. So there we go, we have
> something missing called undo for copy/move[to trash] operations, IMHO.
> BTW, I'm running nautilus since 1.0 and here is the 2.1.90 running.
> Anyone?

There is initial work for supporting scattered about the nautilus code 
base. It was never finished though, since eazel died. 

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