Re: where is emblem info stored ?

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> On 23 Jan 2003, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > > Unfortunately there is another problem with the whole custom emblem thing. 
> > > If you use a theme that doesn't inherit from "gnome" the emblems in 
> > > ~/.icons/gnome/48x48/emblems would not be picked up, and this is where the 
> > > custom emblem install in nautilus places them...
> > 
> > This I really don't think you can do anything about - that would be a
> > theme issue. All themes should really inherit from gnome.
> There are reasons to not inherit from gnome. If your "look" is 
> sufficiently different from the gnome theme a "default" icon looks better 
> than a gnome-style icon for a mimetype that isn't yet in your theme.
> This is especially so when you have a "generic" icon. i.e. 
> "gnome-mime-video" that matches all mimetypes video/* that doesn't have a 
> more specific icon. If the inherited theme (gnome) has a more specific 
> icon (e.g. "gnome-mime-video-mpeg") it will be used instead of your 
> generic icon, which leads to clashes in look.
> A possible solution could be to add a function that lets you look up a 
> list of icons in inheritance order. This would allow you to match mime 
> icons in a better way, thus somewhat helping out. But some themes still 
> might now want to inherit from gnome.
> There is a theme that is *always* inherited. It's called "hicolor" and is 
> used to share fallback application icons with e.g. kde and 3rd party apps. 
> You need to download[1] and install it for fallbacks to work though, and 
> it doesn't have an emblems directory. It is also a common namespace that 
> we can't really pollute.
> [1]

Another way to handle this is to add a X-Gnome-DontInheritMime key to the 
theme file. This could then be used by a massive hack in the icon loader 
to avoid inheritance for mime icons.

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