Re: functionality only avaliable in the nautilus sidebar

MArk Finlay wrote:
Hey all,

There is a bug somewhere about turning off the sidebar and location bar
in nautilus by default. I'm not going to get into that arguement, but
suffice it to say that for my own uses I much prefer to have the sidebar

What I miss when it's off is the ability to make mime-type-executions
(eg. 'Open with Gedit' on a text file) on the current file or directory.


Totally off topic, but wouldn't dragging the object on the appropriate
icon on the desktop (e.g. a text file on a gedit launcher) be a quicker
alternative? If the sidebar is open you just have to click on the
launcher, and dragging an icon on the desktop is quick, while opening
the File menu and looking for the program you want (you could have
multiple entries) seems more complicated to me.

Drag'n'drop on desktop launchers works well and is strangely a little
publicized feature of the GNOME desktop.


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