Re: [Usability]Insert/overwrite, how should i do a usability study?

Joaquin Cuenca Abela wrote:
--- Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie> wrote:

Some one on the abiword list also suggested the
cursor change and it has
been approved in theory.
Dom fundamentally disagrees with me that it is worth
interupting the user
about this, which is why i need to produce some sort
of imperical data.

Well, I agree with him.  Popping a dialog box just
because you used the insert button is plain wrong. And you don't need scientific studies to prove that,
usability starts with common sense.

Yes, but you could just include the usual checkbox "Don't display this
warning next time", so that newbies are warned about the implications of
  overwriting (and possibily pointed to the change in cursor shape),
while more experienced users will be annoyed once only.


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