Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

> Because, as I said in my first email, I don't think a normal user would be
> interested in doing it. Assuming we have, a) sensible defaults and b) a
> method for new modules/applications to add their own root nodes, the user's
> needs should be fulfilled.
ok. thats a point
> Example: Nautilus automagically installs 'My Home' and 'Root' nodes (whilst
> managing nodes for removable media too), gnome-vfs-extras installs
> 'Network', fontilus installs 'Fonts', nautilus-cd-burner could install
> something for CD burners (but that should really just pop up when any blank
> CD-like media is inserted), etc. There should probably be one for the
> control-center, again, installed by the control center itself.
i think this will "overload" the tree view a little bit. If we do it so
then i would suggest to also make something like a hide option for each
root + a dialog with wich all configured roots also can then get
> For every entry I can think of, a sensible default exists. This suggests to
> me that it can 'just work' for 'normal users' and we can keep any additional
> specialised configuration in GConf, for technical users.
> Please point out some use cases where this doesn't appear to be true - we
> ought to challenge it. :-)
> - Jeff
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>   "GIMP is the primary tool in my graphics work. It is my gcc and Emacs."   
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