Re: Media Sidebar

On 8 Jan 2003, Wolfgang Pichler wrote:

> hi everyone,

Just a note. I won't have time to look at this code for the moment. 
Nautilus is deeply frozen and we need to look at fixing the worst bugs.

> you can find the actual source for the media sidebar at:
> to get it working copy it into your nautilus/components directory -
> modify the Makefiles and nautilus-sidebar-functions.c (add the Media
> sidebar exactly as the other ones). Then compile and hope that it will
> work (i can't say that it will work). 
> Is it possible to add it into cvs ? Or doesn't it get into cvs until 2.2
> is released ?

We generally don't check in stuff until they've passed a full review. Some
really large changes are done in cvs on a branch before they are reviewed, 
but I'm not sure that is needed for this change.

> Can i have cvs ?

cvs write access you mean?
I'm not sure what the procedure is for that. Look at
> - At time there are a lot of g_print's in the code (testing).
> What works:
>  - It's multirooted
>  - you can add new uris to it (uri and display name)
>  - uris you add to it gets saved in /desktop/gnome/uris/0...x (should
> that get changed to a location under /apps/nautilus/ ?)

This should be under /apps/nautilus yes. And the key needs to have a 
better name then just "uris".
>  - and - it wont update if a uri gets added to the configuration outside
> of nautilus - is this really needed ?

Yes, correct gconf handling is important. We often get changes from other 
processes (such as the control-center).

> hope that someone can help with some of the points (it is one of my
> first trys with gtk/gnome/nautilus - so please don't blame me if i have
> programmed something really stupid)

I'm sorry i don't have time to look at it at the moment.

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