Media Sidebar

hi everyone,

you can find the actual source for the media sidebar at:
to get it working copy it into your nautilus/components directory -
modify the Makefiles and nautilus-sidebar-functions.c (add the Media
sidebar exactly as the other ones). Then compile and hope that it will
work (i can't say that it will work). 

Is it possible to add it into cvs ? Or doesn't it get into cvs until 2.2
is released ?
Can i have cvs ?

- At time there are a lot of g_print's in the code (testing).

What works:
 - It's multirooted
 - you can add new uris to it (uri and display name)
 - uris you add to it gets saved in /desktop/gnome/uris/0...x (should
that get changed to a location under /apps/nautilus/ ?)
What does not work:
 - If there is more than one uri which gets loaded out of gconfd then
the other wont show you there child items - and i don't know why (if
there is a delay between the inserts then it will work) - if someone
knows how to solve this problem - then i would be really happy
 - in the selection_changed callback - the iter that gets back can be
refered to a nautilus file - but when i then try to find out if it is in
the root node then the model doesn't match the iter (different stamps)?
why ?
 - selecting custom icons for root nodes (at time i have no idea how to
make this - but isn't this not a normal nautilus feature?)
 - and - it wont update if a uri gets added to the configuration outside
of nautilus - is this really needed ?

hope that someone can help with some of the points (it is one of my
first trys with gtk/gnome/nautilus - so please don't blame me if i have
programmed something really stupid)

Wolfgang Pichler

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