Re: media side panel

On 3 Jan 2003, Wolfgang Pichler wrote:

> hi everyone,
> i've got my media side panel working a little bit better. You can see
> the component now at:
> It also has an add URI dialog to add what you like - the home uri was a
> problem because of the hash table where the node-file relation is
> stored. So i've added a vfolder which only points to ~ to gnome-vfs - so
> that home:/// will give me my home dir (wouldn't this be a generally
> good idea?). The Problem at time is that when i add all the uris in the
> source code - then some of them wont work (and i really don't know why).
> Now i am thinking about how to save the state (which uris are added) -
> what is the prefered way for this (over gconf) ? What about adding it to
> nautilus for 2.4 ?

I've wanted a multi-rooted sidebar tree for a long time, but haven't had 
time to do it. If the implementation is right it would be great for naut 


The toplevel nodes should not be named "/", but instead some descriptive 
name, and have custom icons.

You should be able to add your own roots to the tree (with custom name and 

I don't understand why you needed a home: uri. Having aliases for 
files like that is bad. It will lead to all sorts of problems.

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