Re: Nautilus crashing outside my home directory

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 14:28, Andre Dias Dutra wrote:
> Hi fellows,
> I'm using Nautilus 1.0.6 with Gnome 1.4. The application works fine when 
> I'm browsing folders in my home directory. However, every time I try to 
> access a folder outside my home tree (for example /usr) Nautilus 
> crashes. Starting it from a terminal, I got the follwing message after 
> the crash:
> nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: nautilus: undefined 
> symbol: eel_string_list_prepend
> Can somebody help me on solving this problem? Is this a known bug in 
> this version?

Sounds to me like you have a hosed installation; a mismatched
eel/nautilus version, I would wager.  FWIW, you should really upgrade to is improved quite a bit.


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