Re: Selecting files through the location bar

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Raphael Bosshard wrote:

> Hi there!
> Before I enter a feature-request into Bugzilla, I wanted to hear your 
> oppinions about the following "productivity enhancement" feature.
> Midnight Commander allows the user selecting files through expressions, 
> a similar mechanism does not exist in nautilus. As far as I know.
> What about using the location bar as a filter?
> I propose either:
> - select the matching files
> or
> - display only matching files. This would also allow muli-directory 
> statements like /home/*/*.mp3 (regex may be to compex)
> What do you think?

While this would be nice it also affects the semantics of typed uris a 
lot. Files may contain "*" in the name for instance. These would then need 
to be escaped by the user etc. "*" and other globs may also have specific 
meanings in other uri-schemes than file:.

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