Major i18n issue in Nautilus

Hi there!
While extensively testing Nautilus 2.2.0 I came across a major i18n
issue which is partitially described in #103059, too:
When using the smb view, many strings fall back to their english
counterpart. This occurs instantly after entering "smb:" into the
location bar, namely the location bar itself and some elements of the
context menu (Cut Files, Copy Files, Make Link, Move to trash and
Restore Icon's Original Size, Open with - An Application and Open with -
A Viewer and many elements of all dialogs). Additionally, "Network
neighborhood" doesn't seem to be i18nized in network://, although "New
Server" is. The latter issue could possibly be solved by adding _ to the
Name and the Comment field description in
Could somebody please have a look at the issues described above?


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