File type determination

Hi All,

	I followed the discussion/flame-war of the last couple of days
with interest and since it seems to have died down, I'll throw in my
E0.02/poke up the fire some ;-)

	IMHO the problem is that I see a lot NIH, while the problem is
easy to break down in two separate solutions: the "identify by content"
and the "identify by extension" are both valid in their own context and
can easy suplement each other. Agreed, the Windows implementation has
a serious short coming (virusses), and the Unix solution isn't perfect
either. Why not use the i-b-e in the "visual" part (advantage: fast) and
the i-b-c when it matters, namely when running/double clicking a file
and let them enhance each other? "Hey, this .png realy wants to run a
a perl script, let's warn the user".

	Just my E0.02.



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