Rogue Desktop Icon

I'm posting to two lists because I'm not sure where the problem resides.

(SuSe Linux 9.0 Pro, Gnome 2.2.2, Nautilus 2.2.4)

Early in my newbie days, I created a desktop launcher that opened my
home directory in Nautilus. I recently installed a beta version of
AbiWord (2.1.0). Afterwards, whenever I clicked on the icon, AbiWord
opened instead of a Nautilus window. I tried various methods to correct
this but eventually gave up and created a new launcher. I then attempted
to delete the old launcher but I can't get the "Move to Trash" menu item
to become active. It's grayed out. When I click on the rogue icon, I get
an error message, "The Media view encountered an error while starting
up." (If anyone has any thoughts on the above, I'd appreciate hearing
them but that's not the question.) My real question is how can I get rid
of this launcher? I figure that root can do it but I'm not sure where to
look or what to delete. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Don Henson

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