RE: shift=and-close-the-current-folder?

> > From: Alexander Larsson [mailto:alexl redhat com]
> > On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 12:26, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > > > From: Alexander Larsson [mailto:alexl redhat com]
> > > > You're missing one thing: shift-click is extend selection in
> > > > the list view (and we want to extend this to the icon view 
> > > > too), so shift-double-click doesn't work well (it can 
> > unselect items).
> > > 
> > > I didn't realise that it would have that effect. Isn't it 
> OK if the
> > > item is reselected afer the 2nd click of the shift-double-click? 
> > > That's actually what happens now.
> > 
> > Eh? Which would be reselected? shift-click unselection is
> > quite complicated. It depends on both what was selected and 
> > which item was selected last.
> > 
> > Simple example:
> > range select a list with shift-click, then shift-click on any
> > selected item but the one you clicked last. Now items between 
> > the shift-clicked one and the last one gets unselected. 
> > 
> > Things get even more complicated if you mix this with
> > non-range selects made using i.e. ctrl-click.
> Oh yes. Oh well. It looks like Shift is out of the picture.

I'm reviving this thread because:
1 There seems to be a lot of opposition to 
  1.1 using ctrl instead of the ususual shift "modifier key" for this.
  1.2 removing the ctrl-alt-arrow switch-workspace metacity feature,
      instead of removing the shift-alt-arrow move-to-workspace 
- I think that the problem of shift-double-click changing the 
  selection is not a big problem. The Mac OS already has this feature 
  and this problem and I think hardly anybody ever noticed it before.
  I think "opening many items and closing the single parent window at
  the same time" is not a common operation. It's more common that you
  want to close the parent window when navigating to an item, opening
  one folder each time, and that will not have this problem.


Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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