Re: File sharing with Nautilus

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 18:00, Darryl Rees wrote:
> This being an integration issue, would it be raising this on the samba 
> mailing list and possibly xdg? I am sure there are some samba people who 
> would love to contribute...
> Parsing config files is yucky. Which smb.conf is actually being used, 
> and is it readable by the user? Do different versions of samba have 
> different formats (eg. upcoming v3.0 - I don't know)? Would it be better 
> to build something into samba - then you could also do things like show 
> if a share is mounted anywhere.

Sure, it is yucky. But all integration work tends to be. All these
comments you have is why I said it is possible if you control the distro
(or do manual config work).

> Maybe it would even be possible to generalize a simple protocol that 
> could be used for webDAV or nfs, etc as well?

That would be nice i guess.
What is needed is a list of shared directories. Everything else (such as
a "is this directory shared program") will be to slow.

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