Re: Killing views [Was: Dealing with files in Gnome]

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 02:32, Jens Finke wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > 
> > > So are you saying that we should eliminate the simple text and image
> > > viewer in nautilus? If so, which applications do you want to replace them
> > > with?
> > 
> > I strongly agree that in-window per-file views [1] are confusing and largely
> > silly.
> I strongly disagree. Why are these file views silly? Actually, if I double
> click for example on an image I expect to see it. IMO the nautilus views
> are the easiest way for this task. The user isn't confrontated with
> another user interface, just continues to use the interface he is used to
> (nautilus).

I for one, dislike opening several nautilus windows to navigate to a
directory to view several files at once.  I do try to right click and
open an app, even when I only want to view the file, because I still
need the file manager.  Making a universal viewer that is always in a
new window will help me.  As it stands, I've spent hours disabling views
and behaviors that should just work as I work (Icon, List, and CVS

> > An good alternative is to build the preview application, discussed
> > previously in regards to gpdf/ggv/eog, and use it for all Nautilus per-file
> > view use. The Abiword preview component could sit nicely it, etc. This app
> > could also provide a plug-in to the next-gen file selector to show previews
> > for every file type it knows about.
> What is the exact benfit of it? I hardly see a difference to our current
> approach. Beside the fact, that this general viewer doesn't exist yet in
> contrast to the generic NautilusViews.

If nautilus opened the view in a new window so I could still use my file
manager to manage files, I'd be happy.


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