Killing views [Was: Dealing with files in Gnome]

<quote who="Wesley Leggette">

> So are you saying that we should eliminate the simple text and image
> viewer in nautilus? If so, which applications do you want to replace them
> with?

I strongly agree that in-window per-file views [1] are confusing and largely

An good alternative is to build the preview application, discussed
previously in regards to gpdf/ggv/eog, and use it for all Nautilus per-file
view use. The Abiword preview component could sit nicely it, etc. This app
could also provide a plug-in to the next-gen file selector to show previews
for every file type it knows about.

Then you're using an app that can sanely handle menu/toolbar merging (if it
has to, this stuff is pretty crazy confusicating crack too, IMHO), and has a
user interface designed for single or multipage, zoomable previewing.

There's no reason it couldn't handle a text preview, etc.

- Jeff

[1] As opposed to alternative directory views, but they really need some
standardisation/consolidation anyway. Blah blah, sorry. :-)

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     "Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system." - From Monty
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