Re: directory backgrounds

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 04:45, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On 23 Sep 2002, Lars Weber wrote:
> > > > Another interesting use for directory backgrounds might be to display the
> > write-permissions of the current directory.
> > That's already shown as an emblem on the side pane icon.
> Of course *alot* of users don't use the sidepane, so providing this info in another way might be helpful, although I can't really think of a good
way and using a perdirecotory background would present accessibility

Maybe we could have an information area on the top, where we can show information for people who do not want to use the side pane. We could call it the "top pane". :)
One more item in the window ?
Isn't it better to put the information in the -existing- bottom state bar of the window ?

Bertrand Dekoninck

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