directory backgrounds

Since alex committed his icon theming changes, "nautilus themes" kinda
stick out like a sore thumb.  This raises some questions about directory

* Should user-specified directory backgrounds exist at all?

It would be possible to just do away with directory view backgrounds
altogether.  No other widgets in gnome (aside from the desktop) have
user-controlled backgrounds.  Maybe icon views shouldn't either.

People might be attached to this feature, I don't know.

* Should backgrounds be specified by the nautilus theme?

I think the answer here is a pretty clear No, particularly as nautilus
themes start to go away.

* Should icon backgrounds be per-directory?

This might depend on the outcome of the OO vs. nav discussion.  I'm
inclined to think that they shouldn't.  I know that it annoyed me when I
started using nautilus.  I could easily set the background for one
directory, but I never wanted that.  I wanted to change the nautilus
background, not the directory background.

Thoughts would be appreciated,

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