Re: Adventures in GNOME... X Terminals A-Go-Go!

Hi Dmitry,

On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 22:56, Dmitry G. Mastrukov Дмитрий Геннадьевич
Мастрюков wrote:
> > Note that most of my points are just suggestions for better performance. The
> > only really significant issue is the canvas.
> I read one
> mailing list about ltsp terminal solution. Nobody has problems with
> client-side rendering.

	You're 100% right here - there is no problem with client side rendering
- the speed of Jeff's video playing proves that. Since that can be done
on the server and the frames pumped across the network without
roundtrips it's just fine and speedy.

	While the canvas still does AA (client side) rendering, we're no longer
using it in nautilus, which means that per AA pixbuf we render, we have
to do a chunky X server roundtrip - ie. 2 lots of network latency, and
we have to do this per (icon + emblem) rendered.

	That's the root problem; not the canvas itself.



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