Re: PATCH: Bug 82463

On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 10:43, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

> Hmm, this isn't true for Galeon, you get a new blank window (or whatever
> you set as preference). But then again, Galeon doesn't put this into the
> context menu either. 

Hmm, you're right, I was thinking of IE Sux :)  But I have to say it's
just about the feature I like best about IE... when you open a new
window, it comes complete with the page and the history list of the
window you opened it from.  I always get really annoyed when I switch
back to Mozilla/Netscape and it doesn't do this.

> I guess the most important question simply is, what should be the
> prefered/common way to work with Nautilus and how can this be done most
> efficiently? Does anyone even has an answer to this yet? :)

I assume Eazel did some usability studies on this kind of thing, or the
ex-Apple employees among them remembered some that Apple did on Finder
:)  As with most bits of GNOME, though, it would be nice if the user
model or conceptual design was written down somewhere, though...


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