Re: PATCH: Some random stuff

On Saturday, May 25, 2002, at 02:44 AM, Dave Bordoley wrote:

1. Don't build the help directory since we aren't using it anyway...


2. Changes the names of the callbacks for "backgrounds and emblems" and
preferences so that the code is clearer. I got really confused while
playing around, so i thought others might find this useful. (no user
visible string changes)

OK. Only downside is for people who use their own customized UI XML files, but I hope no one does that.

3. Removes unused code for eazel customer feedback


4. Adds l mneumonic to clear button in the clear history dialog cuz it
should have one right???

Doesn't this cause an issue for translators? Don't check this one in until you've dealt with that issue.

related to 1. There are alot of empty directories in cvs nautilus, any
reason we don't just remove them????

If you "remove" a directory from cvs, then you can't get history from files that were in that directory. The usual thing is to remove all the files in that directory (don't forget to remove the ".cvsignore" file) and then use the "prune" option (-P) when doing cvs updates and checkouts, which makes it not create (and destroy) empty directories. But the empty directories won't actually go away until you delete generated files and directories like Makefile, .deps, and .libs.

    -- Darin

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