Re: nautilus initial window size

Seems reasonable. How does this interact with the overall lack of
session management in nautilus. See bug 81313. 


On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 01:40, Frank Worsley wrote:
> Hi,
> right now when Nautilus uses default preferences (i think it's default
> anyway) the mode of operation is to open every folder in the same
> window. So basically I only get a new window when I specifically request
> it or I double-click on a folder on the desktop.
> This also means that Nautilus displays every new window using the same
> default size.
> However, if I change the option to display every folder in it's own
> window, then Nautilus remembers the window geometry for every folder.
> I think it should do this regardless of what the option is set to.
> My reasoning is that it's very annoying to always get the large default
> Nautilus window when opening a folder on my desktop. Furthermore, in
> Windows I also use the one-window-for-all-folders mode, but it still
> remembers the window size for the different folders. So when I open my
> "Music" folder on the desktop, it opens as a long and narrow window ...
> just right for browsing music files. When I open my documents folder it
> opens as large square window ... just right for browsing my files. etc.
> etc... you get the picture.
> So, I think Nautilus should have the same behaviour. What do people
> think?
> - Frank

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