nautilus initial window size


right now when Nautilus uses default preferences (i think it's default
anyway) the mode of operation is to open every folder in the same
window. So basically I only get a new window when I specifically request
it or I double-click on a folder on the desktop.

This also means that Nautilus displays every new window using the same
default size.

However, if I change the option to display every folder in it's own
window, then Nautilus remembers the window geometry for every folder.

I think it should do this regardless of what the option is set to.

My reasoning is that it's very annoying to always get the large default
Nautilus window when opening a folder on my desktop. Furthermore, in
Windows I also use the one-window-for-all-folders mode, but it still
remembers the window size for the different folders. So when I open my
"Music" folder on the desktop, it opens as a long and narrow window ...
just right for browsing music files. When I open my documents folder it
opens as large square window ... just right for browsing my files. etc.
etc... you get the picture.

So, I think Nautilus should have the same behaviour. What do people

- Frank

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