Re: nautilus fonts

Perhaps the solution to this problem is to tweek the icon zooming effect
on fonts rather than simply adding another preference??? Maybe the font
should never be less than the default font size. 

File manager font preference is bad, see bug 82565 and please add a


On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 23:35, Frank Worsley wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think the new way Nautilus currently handles fonts is not very good.
> Let me explain ...
> I like to have the Icon/List views at 75% by default. This keeps the
> icons pretty small so they don't take up a lot of space.
> The problem is though that Nautilus uses the standard desktop font for
> the icon captions in the views. However, at 75% that font is too small
> when using Nautilus. But if I change it to a bigger font, then the
> entire desktop is affected! That looks bad since everything else now
> looks really big.
> I think there should be three font settings:
> - Standard Desktop Font
> - File Manager Font (like now but for the normal views)
> - Desktop Font (for the desktop view)
> It is not a good idea to force the icon caption font to be the same as
> the overall font. Especially with Nautilus themes like the hand-drawn
> one where you might want the icon caption font to also look hand-drawn,
> but not the rest of Gnome.
> Also the title "File Manager Font" is pretty confusing in the current
> Font capplet. I expected it to change all Nautilus views, not just the
> desktop view.
> I realize it's too late to change the Font capplet now (UI freeze and
> all) ... but could we at least change the GConf schemas so I can change
> it by hand with gconf-editor if I want to? I will try and do this myself
> if there is a chance of it being accepted. Then for 2.0.1 we can upgrade
> the Font capplet to handle all fonts.
> - Frank

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