nautilus fonts

Hi all,

I think the new way Nautilus currently handles fonts is not very good.
Let me explain ...

I like to have the Icon/List views at 75% by default. This keeps the
icons pretty small so they don't take up a lot of space.

The problem is though that Nautilus uses the standard desktop font for
the icon captions in the views. However, at 75% that font is too small
when using Nautilus. But if I change it to a bigger font, then the
entire desktop is affected! That looks bad since everything else now
looks really big.

I think there should be three font settings:

- Standard Desktop Font
- File Manager Font (like now but for the normal views)
- Desktop Font (for the desktop view)

It is not a good idea to force the icon caption font to be the same as
the overall font. Especially with Nautilus themes like the hand-drawn
one where you might want the icon caption font to also look hand-drawn,
but not the rest of Gnome.

Also the title "File Manager Font" is pretty confusing in the current
Font capplet. I expected it to change all Nautilus views, not just the
desktop view.

I realize it's too late to change the Font capplet now (UI freeze and
all) ... but could we at least change the GConf schemas so I can change
it by hand with gconf-editor if I want to? I will try and do this myself
if there is a chance of it being accepted. Then for 2.0.1 we can upgrade
the Font capplet to handle all fonts.

- Frank

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