Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

Alex Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> > Also there have been requests for functionality similar to that of
> > windows to create new files (see bug 41787) that could also be in here.
> Now, this is something I would want.

I also wished I had such an option several times.

As this would raise the number of `create' operations to at least three,
maybe the right thing to do would be to leave `New Window'/`New Terminal'
where they currently are and to add the following sub-menu:

  Create => Folder
         => Empty File
         => Launcher

> > It is possible that i'll want to add other .desktop files like links to
> > other directories in my home dir. I see no reason for us to tell users
> > where they can and can't make .desktop files, that's really their
> > decision, especially when they can just drag and drop them there from
> > the panel anyway.
> It is possible, but it may not be very likely. And for links you could 
> just use symlinks. That makes more sense than .desktop file links.

As it happens two of my brothers have an extra folder on their Windows
desktop where they store all the launchers that they only use
infrequently.  Personally I do not even like to have launchers on the
desktop as I think that's what the panel is for; but if it's possible to
let people chose their own way of doing things without introducing too
much additional complexity (as I think is the case here) I see no reason
why it shouldn't be done.


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