Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: toolbar issues

El mar, 21-05-2002 a las 09:28, Michael Meeks escribió:

> On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 11:35, Jorn Baayen wrote:

> > or make the widget in the code, which requires a lots of extra boilerplate
> > stuff and you get problems with the toolbar style. 
> 	Yes - if you want to do something complicated, you get to put a custom
> widget in the toolbar, which means you need to put a control in. 
> 	If that's not satisfying to you, then please codify the common case
> that you want to achieve - perhaps a drop-down / right click list
> widget, and we can add that common case to the XML format, so that it's
> easier to do.

Would it be possible to add a way to add a context menu to a menuitem? 

Galeon 1 had lots of contextx menus on menuitems, specially for editing
bookmarks (removing them directly form the menu, adding a bookmark to a
folder, editing them, opening a whole folder in tabs...). Lots of people
used that feature. Actually, I used it a lot more than the bookmark
editor. This feature has been dropped form Galeon 2 now that we use
bonobo menus.

Context menus on menuitems are used also in the panel, and I've seen
this feature also in MS-Windows (at least on 98, IIRC). Having a way to
do it in bonoboui without weird hacks would be great.


Ricardo Fernández Pascual
ric users sourceforge net
Murcia. España.

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