Re: toolbar issues

On 19May2002 11:25PM (+0200), Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Maybe. Been giving some thought to this one, but sometimes the spinner
> is used to "brand" the app, ie a galeon spinner in galeon, a nautilus
> logo spinner in nautilus. Sharing the spinner in such a case would be a
> bad idea.

This branding argument doesn't make a lot of sense for free
applications that are a core part of the desktop environment. Both
Nautilus and Galeon should consider having a visually simple, generic
brand-free spinner by default.

An example of a commercial app that does this is OmniWeb, for Mac OS
X. Only some of the toolbar setups have a spinner - it's the
super-plain-looking spinny-arrow thing, which is a standard control on

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