Re: 'show properties' for launchers

On 13 May 2002, Alex Graveley wrote:

> Hi,
> So with the new vfolder method for editing .desktop files, the standard
> nautilus "Show Properties" dialog is of little use.  You cannot rename
> files or view/change file permissions.  And setting a custom icon will
> not update the icon for the panel.  
> I think that instead of popping up the standard dialog for files, the
> "Show Properties" context-menu entry should run gnome-desktop-item-edit
> [1] for the launcher.  
> What do you guys think?
> -Alex
> [1] - Possibly this should also be modified to allow emblem selection,
> and show the emblems in the panel menu somehow.  In the tooltip maybe?

The right solution is to add pluggable property tabs to the properties 
dialog. We don't have time to do that for Gnome 2.0.0 though, but we can 
probably do them later.

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