Re: 'show properties' for launchers

This is sort of a known issue. I think we should integrate editing of .dekstop
files into the current nautilus properties dialogs. But do it intelligently so
that the user is obscured from the internals of .desktop files and only needs
to know that he/she is editing an application launcher, or url link etc.

also in the future i think we should remove the the new folder and new
launcher options and replace them with

create => folder
       => Launcher
       => Link


These should be available on both the desktop and in the file manager.
Currently .desktop files can only be added to the desktop. The added benefit
of my propose change is that it directly maps to the menu editing we need to
add/fix in nautilus.


Alex Graveley <alex ximian com> said:

> Hi,
> So with the new vfolder method for editing .desktop files, the standard
> nautilus "Show Properties" dialog is of little use.  You cannot rename
> files or view/change file permissions.  And setting a custom icon will
> not update the icon for the panel.  
> I think that instead of popping up the standard dialog for files, the
> "Show Properties" context-menu entry should run gnome-desktop-item-edit
> [1] for the launcher.  
> What do you guys think?
> -Alex
> [1] - Possibly this should also be modified to allow emblem selection,
> and show the emblems in the panel menu somehow.  In the tooltip maybe?
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