Re: [PATCH] Make list view update when defaults change

Alex Larsson wrote:

> This is someones interpretation of 508. In reality the 508 spec is
> incredily vague and says nothing about themes. I think it is enough that
> both fonts are configurable in the same dialog.
> How do you define the one true theme? One file? A given set of gconf keys?
> One dialog to config them? A "use system font" option is stupid, and I
> won't add one.

Well, I'll let Bill share his views on both those points at his
convenience, as he's more familiar with the 508 requirements than I. 
But it's the same principle the accessibility guys and gals have been
applying to all the other apps they've tackled that use (or allow you to
use) custom fonts: if somebody needs special fonts and colours, they
should be able to change them all at once, desktop-wide, with one
setting for each.  This even works on the window manager title bar now
if you use metacity, which is way cool  :)


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